VOICE OVER | “What’s my niche in voice over??”


To be honest, in voice over.. you’re not going to know what your niche is in the very beginning.  You might have an inkling of what you might be good at, but you have to sort of start there and trial and error yourself, get experience, make mistakes, and make connections and people will definitely LET YOU KNOW what you’re good at after you start to get down the road working a lot.

It revolves around many little things you’ll definitely take notice of… For example.

*Which jobs are you getting hired for more most often…?
*What clients are coming back to you again and again…?
*What do you get complimented on the most…?
*What do you have the most FUN with…?
*What TO YOU is easier than most everything else…?

While you MAY be able to perform jobs in ALL kinds of categories, and genres, (such as trailers, cartoons, narrations, commercials), there is ALWAYS that one thing that you do more of than anything else.

So now you can see how it may take some TIME, maybe even a couple of years before you discover what your niche is.  Some are lucky and get caught up in their niche RIGHT AWAY.  The factors of connecting and just establishing yourself some place is different for everybody.

This is how you discover your niche in the Voice Over | Voice Acting industry.
Keep up the work, keep your chops honed, have fun, and be peristent!!

Take care guys!  Also, Happy 2015!


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