Voice Over Artist

People look at this word and take it for granted…

Yes, you ARE in fact an ARTIST when it comes to the world of voice overs and voice acting.
As a voice over artist, you need to think strongly about what kind of direction you will be taking with your Artistic Talent.

What kind of pictures (in audio) are you going to paint in people’s minds?  Audio is, or I should say, CAN BE, emotionally moving, and can paint feelings into a person, motivating them to TAKE ACTION, FEEL SOMETHING, or to DO SOMETHING.

That is your goal… but what kind of pictures do YOU paint?

Are you good at making a sell?  Do you come across as trust worthy?  Are you full of energy and just have an enlightening personality naturally?  Are you versatile in on-stage acting and portraying characters?

You need to KNOW what you’re good at so you can create the correct brand for yourself in this field.  If you are a natural leader and you come across as authorative and commanding, then you may be great for reads that require this kind of style as it just comes out naturally from you without any effort.

If you are silly and outgoing, and you find yourself easily able to jump from one personality to the next, then character work may be for you.  Know your strengths, and focus your work around it.

LEARN where you fit in.. and when you learn your own voice and what it’s branded for.  FOCUS ON THAT.  That’s what sells.. and that’s where your niche will end up being your mainstay in the voice industry.


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