It all started with Teddy Ruxpin…

My passion and my true love and emotional attachment to “Characters” which flamed that thing inside of me that grew into a spark of passion for the desire to become a character when I got older.. (that sounds so bizarre, I know).  It all started with Teddy Ruxpin.


Teddy Ruxpin, both the talking-teddy and the animated series, was THE FIRST creation in my youth that I grew dearly attached to.  Released in 1985.. I was 3 years old at the time.  So Teddy Ruxpin was a major introduction to my brain at such a young age.  At that age, you tend to BELIEVE in more things, and your imagination runs more wild because you don’t KNOW anything about the world and what lies outside the comfort of your own home.

Teddy Ruxpin (Created by Ken Forsse | Voiced by the ever talented Phil Baron)  was the first ‘character’ to introduce itself to my brain as a bedtime-story teddy bear that talked.

(At 3 years old, technology like that in the early 80s tends to blow your mind).

As you are supposed to do as an ACTOR… I did as a child, except it wasn’t acting.. I truly believed in that character, in some fashion, to some degree. (if that makes any sense).  Obviously I knew the bear wasn’t real… but you ignore that aspect at 3 years old.

The stories he told, and then the animated series piled on top.. those were the seeds planted inside of me to produce the unknowing talent that would grow misunderstood even to MYSELF, until my mid 20s when I decided to put costumes on for a living and entertain people, eventually inside Theme Parks.

The passion to perform and act, was birthed from the love and the feelings I felt when this character came into my world.

THOSE feelings are what I craved to give back to children and families through performing animated costumed characters.  Eventually I would accidentally trip over the idea of using my voice to do the same thing… albeit I do voices for commercials, narrations, and almost everything else that is a good bit DIFFERENT than voicing animated characters persay, ..but the bear is where my acting desire started…  The seed that would grow.

So right now… what would I love to do more than anything else?

I would love to someday voice a character that would remain etched into a child’s mind.  A character another child could listen to and fall in love with, telling them stories, and possibly teaching them something about life at the same time.

I know it sounds corny… but when you perform inside of a costume, unable to talk… and you watch as a mother begins to cry because YOU made their child smile and nobody else could manage it.  That is what “I” as a character in that moment exist for.  And it’s a passion that will always live inside of me.

It is the never ending dream as both a mascot/character performer.. and a voice actor, that I hope progresses.. hoping that the work that I do, is memorable to somebody out there.

Mr. Phil Baron has no idea what he has done to this 32 year old child’s brain…


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