“What’s Your Dream in Voice Over or Voice Acting?”

“Jonathan, what is your dream in voice acting… if you could have one thing in the voice acting world, what would it be!?”

This used to be kind of embarassing to me, but I am not so much afraid to tell people anymore.  I was a big fan of characters that were built for youth when I was growing up.  The softer, but still FUN characters.  Characters like Teddy Ruxpin, Nimbly (the bird creature from Neverending Story 2), or Alf.  Characters who were all geared towards children yes, but they ALL had something for everyone, and they ALL went through the spectrum of emotions that any adult or child would go through.  Characters like these, are the ones I’m most attracted to.

So getting back to the question..  my dream would be to voice a character.. JUST ONE CHARACTER, that became a hit for people to watch, and became attached to him/her/it. A character that people grow to love and admire.  As we all know, most of these types of characters are few and far between these days.  They catered more to the 80s and 90s..  And now characters are mostly all geared differently.

BUT eventually yes.. cutting to the chase.  I’d love to be involved with an animation company full of very PASSIONATE and CREATIVE people who have the biggest passion as I do about creating cartoons, and characters, bringing them to life for people to love.  That would just be the biggest honor and world over personal accomplishment for me, and I could die a happy man indeed!

I see many many professional voice actors out there with .. HAND FULLS of these types of characters under their belt.  And here I am, just wanting ONE… haha.

But I admire those actors.. and it’s such a great inspiration to maybe one day step into the boots of a character that many people will love…  ‘ For a Lifetime ‘.


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