Voice Acting..? It’s about ACTING!

What a lot of people don’t understand, even after being told this up front… Voice Acting is NOT about changing your voice and making funny voices or imitating another character.

For one, imitating another character gets you no where in this business because, hey… those people are still alive and aren’t going any where.  Why would you bother putting Pinky, Bugs Bunny, Ren, or Stimpy on your voice over demo??  If the people who perform those voices are still alive (with a MUCH BETTER reputation than you), why market yourself like that?  You’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Voice Acting is about making a choice… and acting out that choice, emotionally and truthfully to the way YOU interpret that character (but at the same time, interpreting it the way the writer/creator envisions it).  In order to find these characters, you need to take acting classes.  Learn to be comfortable with ALL of your emotions and learn to be confident in the choices you make… while not ALWAYS the choice that fits for casting, at least you are making a choice, and when you make a hardcore choice.. it’s never a WRONG choice, just a choice that is not right for the project.. and most of the time, it’s something you can’t help.  Your voice can only do so much.. and if you’re aware of WHAT you can do, that will strengthen you as you go a long the journey and learn new things about yourself AND other people.

In order to start creating characters, you MUST have some acting classes to help you understand how to confront these situations.


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