Von Kreep and the Swamp Ape Studios *Warning*

This blog article (posted below) gets a little bit personal for me, as I know the flash and traditional animators out there work very hard and passionately to bring their dreams into reality.  I have an undying passion for artists that are able to bring moving, living, breathing characters into the world.  Whether you work for Disney in an office on your art canvas for COUNTLESS hours into the day and night.. or you are at home, sitting in your personal bedroom or office studio sweating hours and hours of your time away.

Apparently this man, Von Kreep, does not take this kind of consideration into hand… Real name, O’neal Pignani, -Von Kreep- has been winning the hearts of many aspiring cartoon artists out there with his studio name “Swamp Ape”, getting them attached to big projects, AND THEN.. not compensating them (OR the voice actors!) for it, not a single dime for their efforts after agreed payment plans and contracts.  (Click the pic below and you can see why animators and cartoonists would fall for the bait, looking at his experience.)

The man is taking all the credit… but don’t just take my word for it.
Here is the entire story from the victims,  http://oneal-pignani-is-a-crook.blogspot.com/

swamp APE


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