Commercial Demo.. it’s not about you..

Had a friend today bring up.. (generally speaking and summing up)

“Your Commercial Demo is just one voice mostly, … I thought you had to be versatile and have a lot of different voices to show the agencies how diverse you are.”

Remember.. this is a COMMERCIAL DEMO, not an Animation Demo.  A commercial demo is not about yourself, or your versatility.  It’s not about how COOL you can make your voice sound in a commercial.  People don’t want that.  And nobody is listening to a commercial to hear how COOL, or AWESOME you sound (If your voice happens to sound cool or awesome to someone, then bonus.. opinions differ from person to person).  They are listening for honesty and information.  They want to be told about a product in 30 seconds.  YOUR job is to connect.. RELATE to the people you are speaking to.. be their friend.. as YOU.. not someone else.. YOU.  Again, going back to ‘being yourself’.  Leave your ego behind at the door… You’re doing this for the market, not yourself.  Know who you’re talking to.. and.. talk to them.  Truthfully.


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