In Voice Over … Just be yourself..!








Remember this and it’s very important…  In Voice Over, it’s very important to just BE YOURSELF.

Many new Voice Over talents and even some actors that start doing voice overs for Narrations and Commercials get this concept in their mind that they are SUPPOSED to sound fancy, or sound like ‘that other guy on TV’.  Well, here’s me laying it down flat for ya..  BE YOURSELF.

People want to hear you for you… just like those guys doing those commercials that you enjoy (or ignore).. they’re being themselves.  THEY ARE MARKETED and USED time and time again for that reason alone.  They know their brand, and an ad agency or business is using it.

You need to find where your own personality and your own ‘character traits’ can be marketed.  What’s best for your personality??  A lot of the times when you’re getting your demo made, the producer will let you know these things, because they will hear it.  People learn new things about themselves all the time.  Some people figure it out that, “Hey, I’m actually good for this… AND THIS” .. and it doesn’t happen overnight or all in one day.. you may even learn this years down the road…

Even myself.. I might learn something new I’m good for and I never knew about it!  But once you learn it, strengthen it, hone it to better suit your brand, marketing, and business, things get better dramatically.

Market your voice to clients with some sort of direction.  Learn the different ways you can use your voice appropriately to fit a read based on moods and specifications.  Learn what the writers want.. and if your voice is a fit, Congratulations!

Always remember… these writers took their sweet time to sit down and write out a script.  Keep the writers intent in mind.. KNOW what they want.. and if you don’t fit.. don’t audition.  For example, if you get a script for a Steakhouse and they want a middle aged manly man voice.. a ‘working man’s voice’, and you have the voice of a young teenager.. then don’t waste their time by auditioning.

It takes time, and much rejection.  There’s billions of people out there with all kinds of voices.  Don’t do yourself a disservice by trying to be like someone else… sell your own voice.  Wouldn’t you be more satisfied in knowing that someone wants you for YOU and not somebody else?

That said, if it just so happens that you may be one of the lucky few who have a massive range and you CAN pull off a voice that fits a commercial or trailer because you have great ‘acting’ skills, by all means give it a shot.. but remember, at the end of the day, the most of what someone wants from you for the most part 70-80% of the time .. is just you.


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