In Voice Over or.. Acting in General.. “Don’t let other people get you down”

Lets face it..  a lot of folks just don’t UNDERSTAND this kind of job.. and when you’re getting started, you’re going to hear a lot of things like;

  • So when are you gonna get a REAL job??
  • Oh you do voice overs??  So what do you do to make a REAL living??
  • What’s voice acting??  That’s what you do??  That’s not a real job…

Or similar mess like that.. and the worse part is.. you’ll hear these things right from your own friends and family.  Here’s the key.. Don’t let it get you down!!

Just always believe in your goal, your plan, your objectives, YOUR PASSION, and never let it go.. Because if Voice Overs are what you are passionate about, then none of what other people say can deter you from it.  They are only simply ignorant to just how much work performing Voice Overs actually is… and that’s understandable.. because they are not performers.. they are not actors..  and they don’t understand the emotional values and keys that are inserted into a script.

A lot of folks think that reading these scripts are EASY… and they may BE easy to an intermediate and professional voice talent, because they are -trained-.  But even then, there is STILL work involved.  A talent must pre-read the script, evaluate the goal of the message, become the character inside the script, and bring it to life.  Simple.  Well if it WERE in fact THAT simple.. we’d all be rich!

After the voice training, there’s ultimately a business here.. and unique voices that fit to a particular brand.  Where does yours fit?  ..If you can’t answer that.  You have a long way to go.

At the bottom of this.. it’s about being passionate.  Passionate to grow a family of clients, who ultimately ARE your family.  If they adopt you into their humble home of business, you go in with respect and responsibility, helping to market and bring their work out above and beyond.  I take pride with every client I earn and I will never forget about any of them.  If you are always there for your clients, and you work hard, they WILL notice, and your hard work and passionate efforts will ALWAYS be appreciated.


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