Chilling Tales For Dark Nights – Narrators

Hey guys!  I’d like to mention to you a great site that I do Narration as well as character voices for, Chilling Tales For Dark Nights.

I grew up as a child reading books such as, Alvin Schwartz’ “Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark” and the “Goosebumps” series.  Well, Craig Groshek (the creator of CTFDN) and myself were there at the birth of the site and youtube channel.  Our dream was to have audiobook stories, similar to the stories you heard on cassette tape when you were a kid, where the stories contained NOT ONLY NARRATION, but also characters, music, sfx, and a production that brought the story to life.

So if you head over to our Youtube Channel,
Chilling Tales on Youtube
You can hear all of the stories we have created through multiple Narrators and Producers.

Take a moment, if you are interested and listen to one of my own Narrations.  You’ll notice that I change my voice for almost each narration.  I’m such a weirdo.


If you are interested, WE ARE ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR NEW TALENT!  We need ‘quality’ Narrators, Animators, Artists, Production Artists/Editing.  Talk to Craig Groshek if you are interested in joining our team!


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