How to Begin Marketing Yourself In Voice Over

This is a big step and one of the major ways you can begin marketing yourself in the Voice Over business.  Listen to Brian Thon as he explains some of the problems folks run into when they are just starting out.  This information provided by,


3 thoughts on “How to Begin Marketing Yourself In Voice Over

  1. These are excellent tips for newbies in voiceover business. However for me not all of them are true. I am a Russian voice talent and live far from Moscow let alone New York City)) So your strategy to get to smaller markets doesn’t work for me. In my case it worth attracting attention of international companies which work with many languages. And here your video helps me in defining what kind of companies I need: Ad agencies, Web developers and so on. Thank you!


    • Well that video was made for U.S. based talents.. but like you, my methods differ as well personally. I do a little bit of what the video implies, but I also market myself internationally as well, because internationally there are not UNIONS everywhere, and not everyone follows the same rules, so you can potentially work on just about anything out there given your voice works for that brand. Brian covers only ONE way of marketing yourself.. There is no ONE SINGLE correct way. There are tons of ways you can market yourself, you just have to be constantly trying new things, trial and error.. figure out what is absolutely best for ‘you’. 🙂


      • Sure! I absolutely agree. I’ve just started to study all this flood of information regarding voiceover business, and most resources are for English speaking talents, so I have to root out relevant tips meticulously and build up my own framework for my career. Thanks again!


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